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David Reynolds is so unique in how he thinks about injuries: not the usual ‘cookie cutter’  treatments that you find everywhere.  Thanks to David for helping me get back to running and work as a massage therapist without the need for surgery.

Kelly Knowles, Massage Therapist & Distance Runner


10 years of gymnastics and a lifetime of tennis only added to the difficulty of everyday life.  I had shooting pain down my back, constant aching in my knees, and neck pain that no amount of medication could ever dull.  Years of cortisone shots, endless doctors visits with no help, and more doctors than I could count all led to my eventual quitting of gymnastics.  I felt like I had to stop everything I loved to do because there was no way to solve my pain, and that was the mentality I had when I started working with David.  After just one session, not only did he tell me exactly what was wrong with me, but he managed to solve most of my problems.  What he did for me was amazing, and I can now live every day without the pain I didn’t see an end to.  He saved me!

Heather Cano, Lifelong Gymnast & Tennis Player


I came across Dr. Reynolds through recommendation from a friend and I have been seeing him for 1 year.  I heard that he helped my friend with a longstanding problem in her hip, and I had this intuitive sense that I needed to meet him.  It turns out I was right!  I have been going through complicated orthodontic work for my jaw alignment for 4 years and I’m in the home stretch.  Every time I get my braces adjusted, I go see Dr. Reynolds right after.  Ever since I started getting treatments from him, the pain I would normally feel from the adjustments is not nearly as bad. He helps to get my head straightened out, literally. He treats the whole body.  Lower back, upper back, ribcage, feet, hips, the whole thing. After I see him, I always feel like I can take a deeper breath and I feel way happier.  He’s helped me with all sorts of weird pains that I had for a long time.  He’s so kind and encouraging, and a pleasure to be around.  It’s such a blessing to have Dr. Reynold’s in my life.

Evangeline Kochanek, Pilates Instructor & Nutritionist


I arrived with a totally locked up neck and upper back, I left with 80% better range in my motion and substantially improved ability to breathe (never mind the reduction in pain).  In one session, he was able to dramatically shift the tightness resulting from acute and chronic issues I’ve had with my ankles, hips, pelvis, ribs, shoulder, and other various injuries in my wrist, elbow, toes and jaw.  I am genuinely blown away.  In all the years of working with various chiropractors in the SF Bay Area, and on the East Coast, not a single practitioner has come even remotely close to the level of transformation that I just witnessed in a single session with David.  I used to go to chiropractors for months and years without even a fraction of the impact and realignment that just occurred for me in 60 minutes with David.  I am calling all of my friends and family, he is a REAL master of the body.

Jordan Santoni, Life Coach.



David helped me recover from injuries sustained while training for Iron Man 2017.  I’m now at my optimal level of my ability for competing in future events.

JD Lewis, Iron Man Finisher





All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty together again – but Dr. David could!  Come see him for an ingenious kind of body work.

Nathanael Chawkin, Martial Artist

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