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Functioning at an Optimal Level

You are able to function and thrive in the physical world, thanks to your body’s dynamic ability to orchestrate its movement and balance systems

Disruptions or damage to any one of these systems however, can interfere with your ability to perform optimally. Your body will make its best effort to compensate for any disturbance, injury or encumbrance, but it may not necessarily be able to properly mend itself without correcting, provocative stimuli that are specific and targeted.

The complexity of your physiology can create challenges in identifying and treating the underlying cause of any compromising condition, but in many instances, peak performance can be attained by means of Cranio‐Pelvic Bodywork.

Runner tying shoelaces

Is your peak performance being compromised by any of these encumbrances?

  • Craniodental pain
  • Headaches and other head pains
  • Jaw Pain – Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)
  • Clenching and/or grinding of teeth
  • Orthodontic conditions that could be further alleviated by adjunctive therapy
  • Isolated joint and muscle pain
  • Recurring injuries
  • Disturbed/altered range of motion (Biomechanics)
  • Asymmetric flexibility or strength
  • Weakened/diminished core muscles
  • Neuromuscular pain syndromes
  • Pelvic instability during pregnancy
  • Being categorized as a Practitioner’s ‘difficult case’ referral
  • Other conditions not responding to more traditional modalities or approaches

Cranio‐Pelvic Bodywork is not just for those who suffer from compromising physical conditions! Unencumbered performers, athletes and other kinetic spirits can further enhance their performance with this methodology.

What is Cranio-Pelvic Bodywork?

CRANIO-PELVIC BODYWORK – Is a methodology developed by David G. Reynolds, which functionally integrates the three principal levels of neural control:

infographic showing 3 levels of nueral control

IN THE OZONE – In your most efficient, natural state, the three principle levels of neural control synchronize with each  other to achieve peak performance; this optimal state is what we refer to here as being in the oZONE.

IN A LESS DESIRABLE ZONE – When any  level of the neural system is disturbed or injured, the other levels are forced to  compensate — which often masks those disturbances. This can leave you completely unaware of the fact that your fullest potential is being hindered.

SELF-CORRECTING MEASURES – Through sequenced, incremental sessions, David identifies an order of priorities that will trigger your body’s natural ability to self-correct. He applies appropriate and effective stimuli to provoke your body’s interacting systems toward synchronous harmony, thereby establishing your most efficient, natural state.

Which Zone Are You In?

Most of us are functioning around Zone 2


  • Recurrent injuries
  • Performance failure
  • Defeated/Depressed
  • Low Self-Esteem
  • Chronic Fatigue


  • At least one functionally compromised system
  • Less than optimal performance
  • Prone to injury
  • Slower recovery


  • Consistent peak
  • Rapid recovery
  • Outcome Predictability
  • Minimized injury risk
  • Contented athlete


    • Clear intention
    • Outcome certainty
    • Intense focus
    • Transcendant performance

Get in the OZone with cranio-pelvic bodywork!

Testimonial Excerpts

David helped me recover from injuries sustained while training for IronMan 2017. I'm now at my optimal level of ability for competing in future events!

J.D. Lewis
IronMan Finisher

David's approach to injuries is not the cookie-cutter treatment you'll find elsewhere. Thanks to him, I'm back to work – and to distance running without the need for surgery.

Kelly Knowles
Massage Therapist & Distance Runner

David is a gentle soul with healing hands! His uncommon approach noteably alleviated my post-concussion suffering in the very first session!

Kevin Snorf
Multi-Faceted Athlete, Instructor & Coach

David greatly reduced my pain from ongoing orthodontic sessions. Kind and encouraging, he treats the whole body — I'm breathing deeper and feeling way happier!

Evangeline Kochanek
Pilates Instructor & Nutritionist

My athleticism caused extreme bodily pains. Traditional, dead-end alternatives forced me to stop all activities that I loved … then I met David … my pain is gone, and he is amazing!

Heather Cano
Lifelong Gymnast & Tennis Player

David G. Reynolds

Peak Performance for Elite Athletes

Photo of David G. Reynolds, Internationally renowned chiropath

Elite Sports Performance has always been integral to David’s practice. He has worked with the National Australian Swim Team, the 2000 U.S. Olympic Swim Team, and with the Jamaican National Soccer Team. Several Olympic and IRONMAN Triathletes have also benefited from David’s assistance.

David’s passion is performance optimization, whether it be for sports, dance, preparation for childbirth, pediatric cranial suture function or brainstem reflex integration.

Originally a Math & Science teacher, David went on to graduate with honors from the University of South Wales, Australia. His 30-year journey working as an innovative bodyworker has lead him from the Land Down Under to beautiful Santa Barbara.

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